Sustainable Energy Community Conversations

A windmill on a grassy area with a sunset behind the mountains

As the world continues to grow, the need for renewable, clean energy is at the forefront of the changes we need. 

Conversations go beyond technology to discuss the broad implications and effects of sustainable energy. The future is not just about innovations in clean energy sources, but also includes the policy that helps open doors and regulate the industry, the economics that helps acquire funding and creates jobs, the marketing and communications along with branding to help make sustainable energy solutions more widely understood and accepted in various communities, and so much more.

Join our Sustainable Energy Community Conversations and gain a deeper understanding of this crucial industry, connect with students who share your passions, and network with guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds. Help answer the question: How can we build a sustainable future?


Sustainable Energy Community Conversations occur 2 Tuesdays a month from 4:00-5:00 PM

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