Battelle Center for Science, Engineering and Public Policy

OSU Battelle Center supports decision-makers in anticipating and responding to the critical technical threats and opportunities of the 21st century.

From combating misinformation to predicting the next pandemic, we tackle wicked challenges requiring an integrated understanding of technical disciplines and public policy. As public interest technologists, we lead interdisciplinary teams from across the university to develop solutions for high consequence humanitarian and national security challenges.

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Innovation in the public interest.

While sponsors gain solutions, our students acquire essential professional skills and valuable experience with wicked problems.

Our training programs cultivate the policy-minded STEM workforce of the future, one that is able to translate scientific evidence, anticipate the impacts of technological change, and innovate in the public interest.

Explore how we can support your goals:
  • Innovation and Technology Development for Wicked Problems
  • Strategic Advice and Technical Assistance
  • Training for Students and Professionals
  • Educational Credentials

Educational Offerings

Our courses professionalize students and deepen their ability to be systems-thinkers through experiential learning.

Interdisciplinary teams tackle real-world challenges from government agencies or public-interest sponsors. Students are pushed to ‘fail fast, innovate faster’ using customer discovery, human-centered design, agile development, and other proven innovation methods in order to deliver a minimum viable product by the semester’s end.

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Students are exposed to issues of the day in this survey course which emphasizes the development of professionally relevant products to translate technical information and communicate policy positions.

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This freshly reconstructed minor provides students from all backgrounds the opportunity to become fluent at the policy aspects of crucial STEM fields such as space, agriculture, and public health. Become better prepared to advocate for important fields, navigate the political landscape and communicate complex concepts to political figures. See why this is a minor with major implications.

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Technical insight infuses analyses of space programs’ economic and societal impacts in this course. Topics include the origins of space activities in the US, the role of national security, “soft power,” and commercial business.

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Professional Training and Community

Our SCOPEs (Student Communities Of Practice and Engagement) allow students from all backgrounds to explore the role of policy in our nation’s most consequential high-tech endeavors. Our communities provide conversations with industry and government experts, networking opportunities, professional skills training, psycho-social support, and one-on-one mentoring. Our communities have attracted hundreds of students from 12 different colleges across the university.

Air & Space SCOPE


Join a community of students who are passionate about space and human flight from a variety of backgrounds including engineering, business, psychology, communications, and so much more.

Infectious Diseases SCOPE


If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the rippling effects infectious diseases can have throughout every level of our society. Health security isn’t just about health, but about economics, social constructs, and the effectiveness of policy and communication. Learn from experts and join conversations with peers on the next levels of public health.

Sustainable Energy SCOPE


A student community built to prepare future leaders in the industry and equip students with the skills they will need to make change possible. This is not just a community about technology, but the future implications and effects of sustainable energy from policy to economics. Join your peers in learning and creating the future of energy.

Professional Training


Our professional training sessions supplement the skills you learn in your academic career. The personal and interpersonal skills we focus on are essential for professional success.

The Salon


The Salon is a space to expand our understanding of the ways technology and innovation affect society and generate unintended consequences. Through shared reading and film experiences, special guests, and discussions, students add to the discourse.

The Observatory


This blog series brings in current students, alums, and industry professionals to write about the latest in science and policy topics. Students are encouraged to pitch ideas they would like to write on or professionals they would love to hear from.

“I had some small goals when I came into OSU but you definitely expanded that view. The skills I learned at [OSU] Battelle Center were put to good use almost immediately.”
“You guys have put together a great program, one where it is clear you have been, and are being, thoughtful about how best to position the students for success by exposing them to a full set of possibilities.”
“This was my favorite class I have taken and especially in a field that I hope to work in one day. Furthermore, it really got my interest in policy and inspired me to pursue a SEPI Minor!”
“I can’t express how thankful I am to have a place to come where I can pursue unconventional pathways and open doors that otherwise I wouldn’t know how to open.”

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