GEO-ESCON Membership

Join GEO-ESCON, a consortium dedicated to fostering geomatics excellence and driving collaborative efforts. Reach out to us today to initiate the process of becoming a member of GEO-ESCON. 

Discover the exclusive benefits of becoming a member of GEO-ESCON. As a member institution, you gain access to a range of valuable opportunities that foster collaboration, streamline processes, and facilitate networking within the geomatics community.

Benefits of Membership

  • Exclusive Eligibility: Member institutions have exclusive eligibility to  receive GEO-ESCON funding, which supports selected activities to benefit NGA’s mission. 

  • Concept Proposal: Take part in shaping the future of geomatics by making scientific and technical recommendations to NGA through GEO-ESCON's various channels. 

  • Streamlined Contracting: GEO-ESCON members can expect a streamlined peer-to-peer contracting process facilitated by the consortium membership agreement and GEO-ESCON's established relationship with NGA. This accelerates the contract process, enabling rapid activity funding.   

  • Collaboration Opportunities: Forge meaningful connections and expand your professional network through intentional opportunities facilitated by GEO-ESCON, connecting you with potential collaborators and emerging scholars. 

Member Institution Qualifications

GEO-ESCON seeks institutions of higher education that possess exceptional capabilities in geomatics and related fields or are dedicated to developing those capabilities. GEO-ESCON's member institutions share a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration and have a demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality research, education, and applied technologies relevant to geomatics challenges of national importance.  

How to Become a Member

To explore your interest in joining GEO-ESCON reach out to the GEO-ESCON team at Alternatively, if your institution is already familiar with the benefits of GEO-ESCON, the academic membership application can be submitted here. If you have any questions regarding the application, you can reference the application questions in PDF format or email for assistance. If you are an individual seeking to join our mailing list, please sign up here.

GEO-ESCON Partners on the US Map
GEO-ESCON Partner Institution List

Updated 02/08/2024