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Ohio State's Battelle Center for Science, Engineering and Public Policy

We develop the talent, technologies and multidisciplinary teams that support innovation, strategic decision making, and research for the public interest.

Innovative Classes for Innovative Thinkers

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Technology is woven into the fabric of our lives and society. It has enabled so many exciting possibilities for our society. However, new technologies have also accelerated the spread of violent ideologies and misinformation, undermined democratic elections, and facilitated the climate-changing industrial activity that revolutionized the world. 

Science, engineering, and technology are tools: their effects – good and bad – depend on human use. Learn how you can use science, engineering, and technology to addres complex problems and innovate for the future.

This is a foundational course of the Glenn College’s Science and Engineering in the Public Interest (SEPI) minor and also counts as a GE in the Citizenship Theme. It is a valuable experience for STEM majors who are interested in using their skills to build a more just, resilient, and healthy society. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:55 - 5:15

Take a journey through the story of space exploration with Professor John Horack! Learn about the birth of the space program through policy decisions from the Cold War to the commercial space era of today. As you learn the story of our path to the final frontier, you'll end the course by coming up with where we should go next in our journey through the stars!

Space is more than astronauts, rockets, and science experiments. The political nature of space has a large impact in shaping what space means to the world. Whether it is the military use of space, commercial space flight regulations, or funding the science and engineering required to reach the stars, the policy aspect of space continues to matter. 

Fridays, 12:00 - 3:00

Our Rapid Innovation course is a great opportunity for students to gain real-world experience, grow their professional network, learn professional skills that will be valuable post graduation! Work on a real-world challenge from a sponsor with students from other disciplines and put yourself in line for possible internships and employment. Learn more about other student experiences at the link below and make room in your schedule for Fall Semester.

  • Tackle a Wicked, Real-World Problem - Wicked problems require a variety of backgrounds to solve. Each of our challenges has technical aspects, including data analysis and machine learning, that must be informed by social, economic/business, arts backgrounds, and more. If you have an interest in one of these challenges, your expertise and perspective is useful!
  • Travel and gain experience in the real-world: Student-teams are encouraged to find a conference, a site to visit, or even connect with their sponsor organizations for a trip to experience the challenges and functions of the real-world. Budget is set aside for each team to take advantage of this opportunity. 
  • Build your network: Through this course you will interview subject matter experts, stakeholders, and many more people who care about the challenge you are tackling. Take this opportunity to grow your professional network and connect with people eager to connect with you!
  • Gain much needed essential skills: From opportunities to practice your communication skills, to building your interpersonal skills, to becoming a stronger leader, this course guides you into a growth mindset so you can gain even more from experience.
  • Application over Lecture: This course isn't built to lecture and quiz you. You and your team are graded on your ability to navigate the innovation process, lead with your curiosity, and work together as you drive towards a solution at the end of the course. Short lectures for background are key, but the majority of the time will be presentations and workshops that will help you push through the phases of discovery and development!

This minor provides students from all backgrounds the opportunity to understand the policy of crucial STEM fields such as space, agriculture, and public health. Students who take this minor are better prepared to advocate for important fields, navigate the political landscape, and communicate the science of the day to political figures. This is a minor with major implications.

The Future Workforce

Ohio State Battelle Center is training the next generation of leaders to innovate beyond technology to make a difference in the public interest. We train students through a combination of coursework and student community events to understand the impact of wicked-problems on the world. Students leave our program better prepared to enter the workforce with skills that complement what they learn in their degree programs. 

Complex Challenges

We tackle wicked challenges requiring technical expertise and an understanding of the public policy landscape. As public interest technologists, we lead interdisciplinary teams from across the university to develop solutions for humanitarian and national security challenges.

SCOPE: Student Community of Practice and Engagement

Our SCOPE programming provides students with a variety of ways to gain new skills and a better understanding of the broader context of STEM focused industries. From Community Conversations with subject matter experts to professional training opportunities, SCOPE offers something for every student on campus.
Community Conversations

We bring in subject matter experts in the Air & Space, Sustainable Energy, and Biosecurity fields for student led conversations to discuss the various paths of being a professional and the technology, policy, economics, and societal impacts of these tech-heavy industries.

Professional Training

Our Professional Trainings supplement the skills students learn in their courses. Trainings on how to network, pitch new ideas, and even care for yourself help students put together a foundation that will bring success during their academic career and after graduation. 

The Salon

The Salon is a space to anticipate the ways technology and innovation affect society and generate unintended consequences. Through shared reading and film experiences, special guests, and discussions, students get practice looking toward the future and how decisions today can change the world we live in tomorrow.

The Observatory

This blog series brings in current students, alums, and industry professionals to write about the latest in science and policy topics. Students are encouraged to pitch ideas they would like to write about or professionals they would love to hear from in an effort to see the bigger picture. 

"I had some small goals when I came in to OSU but you definitely expanded that view. The skills I learned at [OSU] Battelle Center were put to good use almost IMMEDIATELY."

Research, Analysis, and Systems Integration

Ohio State Battelle Center for Science, Engineering, and Public Policy creates actionable intelligence for decision-makers to address ‘wicked’ national challenges by advancing research in policy modeling and simulation; data integration and visualization; human-machine teaming; decision-science; and risk communication. Our research and training programs are united by the shared principles of translating evidence, anticipating change, and innovating in the public interest.
A computer generated map showing different aspects of the ebola outbreak in the DRC including cases, movement of population, and crime statistics

Ohio State Battelle Center News

Grant Davis presenting from slides on a small TV to the left with wooden slats in the background
Feb 07, 2024

Joint Community Conversation with BWXT’s Grant Davis

Grant Davis, nuclear engineer at BWXT Advanced Technologies and alum of Ohio State, is a perfect example of how two of our community technology areas, aerospace and sustainable energy, overlap.
Air & Space
Community Conversations
Sustainable Energy
Two people talking in a lounge area
Oct 30, 2023

Go Sustainable Energy Leads a Conversation and Connects with Students

Go Sustainable Energy, a local energy consulting business, joined our community for a pair of events this semester.
Community Conversations
Meet and Greet
Sustainable Energy
Three people, standing and smiling in a conference room.
Oct 20, 2023

Ethan Rivera Leads Panel on Public Affairs Collaborations in STEM Education

Ethan Rivera, of Battelle Center, convened a panel at the NASPAA Annual Conference on the ways public affairs and STEM education can connect to create a richer educational experience joined by Shannon Portillo of Arizona State University and Jackie Speedy of Carnegie Melon University.
Public Interest