At the Ohio State Battelle Center for Science, Engineering and Public Policy, we want our students to better understand how technology, society, policy, economics, and more are all connected. Our students get the opportunity to learn how much they are capable of doing with their knowledge and skillsets after graduation.
Two students focused in the foreground, watching something the left with students also watching in the background

Grant Davis, nuclear engineer at BWXT Advanced Technologies and alum of Ohio State, is a perfect example of how two of our community technology areas, aerospace and sustainable energy, overlap. Mr. Davis’ work at BWXT has given him the opportunity to work in the Nuclear Thermal Propulsion space as well as work with terrestrial nuclear reactor development. His knowledge and expertise brought students interested in both areas together to ask questions and connect.

Mr. Davis started with an overview of the work that BWXT Advanced Technologies. Students learned about how innovation becomes an asset in technology implementation and the economics of industry. They also learned about public perception and the importance of success when it comes to the development of nuclear reactors.

Students asked about public perceptions of nuclear energy and the ways it affects the industry. Mr. Davis talked to students about the different challenges faced by companies like BWXT that develops the technologies and the companies that eventually operate the technology. Perception is an important aspect for both industries, but those audiences are different. It was an enlightening conversation for both the aerospace and sustainable energy students.

After the event, Mr. Davis spent time with students talking about student research and connecting with students. This was a great opportunity for students to network and learn about the overlap in the aerospace and sustainable energy industries.

Thank you to Grant Davis for taking the time to join our community and thank you to the students for attending and engaging with our guest speaker.