A large group of students gathered at Battelle Center in Page Hall for an event

Student Community of Practice and Engagement (SCOPE)

We provide students with the skills, confidence, and knowledge that compliments their coursework to be successful when they graduate

Our SCOPE programming is built to give students the chance to engage with the latest topics, news, and technology of the day while gaining access to professional development and mentorship opportunities. These communities are a chance for any student, no matter the focus of their studies, to get involved in industries with global impact that require an interdisciplinary approach. From our Community Conversation series to our Professional Training program, students get the opportunity to bolster their skills, broaden their knowledge, and build their community.

Kathy Laurini talking to a group of students in Page Hall

I would say joining the Glenn College and [Ohio State's] Battelle Center is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I had great opportunities learning leadership skills and, most important of all, finding an inclusive, inspiring, and warm home away from home. This cannot be possible without you. I cannot be this confident, determined, and optimistic without the cultivation of the Glenn College and [Ohio State's] Battelle Center. Thank you!

Community Conversations

Community Conversations help students get a broader sense of technical industries including the technology, policy, economic, and societal impacts. Experts from industry, government, and academia are invited as guest speakers, allowing students to learn and network within the industries that most interest them.

The earth's cloudy sky as seen through a window just above the atmosphere

Air & Space

Prepare for human flight

A set of solar panels with windmills in the background on a sunny day.

Sustainable Energy

Fight for a sustainable world

Professional Training

We offer a variety of professional trainings for students who are looking to develop skillsets that are crucial to their careers.

Our Professional Trainings are built to compliment the work done in the classroom to prepare students for life after graduation. Trainings include learning how to effectively network, pitching new ideas, creating better atmospheres for teamwork, and even learning how to care for mental health in order to be the best professional possible. Students are given a foundation for skills they would normally learn in their first few years after graduation. 

Trainings occur monthly throughout the fall and spring semesters and provide students with materials to continue practicing their skills. These trainings are an important part of our programming to help students do more as the enter the next chapter of their journey. 

A student shares an anecdote at a professional training event to the group

The Salon

A space to expand the understanding of the ways technology and innovation affect society. Through the lens of science fiction, conversations look towards the future and anticipating what new technologies mean for our world.

The Observatory

The Observatory is a writing series that brings together students, alumni, and professionals associated with The Ohio State University Battelle Center to write about topics including technology and public policy.

As part of our mission to teach students how to translate technical information as well as anticipate the future, The Observatory aims to give students the opportunity to discuss the latest topics, news, and horizons in a technical area of their choosing. These topics include new technologies and policy areas that have an impact on the industry.

Have an idea? Pitch it to rivera.154@osu.edu 

Logo for The Observatory where the O is part of a space observatory building that includes a telescope