The Geomatics Emerging Scientist Consortium for Education, Research, and Capabilities Enhancement (GEO-ESCON) is an innovative partnership between The Ohio State University and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). In 2022, The Ohio State University was selected to spearhead the development of the multi-institution academic consortium with the mission of addressing NGA’s crucial need to develop and enhance their current geomatics workforce expertise and increase their capabilities enhancement activities and partnerships with universities for the Emerging Scientist Program. The GEO-ESCON contract is funded initially with a ceiling of $28.5 million for a three-year base period with an option for an additional four years.   

GEO-ESCON stands as a vibrant platform that brings together academia, government agencies, and industry experts to drive advancements in geomatics and related disciplines. Through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to accelerate the development of geospatial technologies, promote interdisciplinary research, and nurture a new generation of geomatics professionals.  

GEO-ESCON is part of the Battelle Center for Science, Engineering, and Public Policy in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, which is dedicated to building capacity for innovation in the public interest. An established college research center, the Battelle Center plays a crucial role in supporting GEO-ESCON. 


GEO-ESCON operates on three core elements: