Air & Space Community Conversations

A web table on top of a picture of the earth. The web starts with Air & Space in the center with connections to engineering, policy, psychology, business, data analysis, medicine, and security

Did you ever look up at the night sky as a kid and dream of becoming an astronaut? Did you imagine exploring the universe or visiting other planets? 

Even if astronaut was just a childhood dream, your talents are still vital to human flight and space exploration! 

Whether you are majoring in business, psychology, economics, physical education, engineering, biology, policy, or anything else Ohio State has to offer, your passions can be used to help us explore the skies.

Join our Air & Space Community Conversations, a student community built to show you the broad range of the industry and prepare you for a profession that moves humanity into the future. Learn how your passions apply to the industries of human flight and space exploration, connect with students with similar interests, and meet incredible guest speakers to help build your professional network!

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